The most important european distributors of art reproduction take part to the the project Next2Art. In order to address a wide range of people, we prepared a selection of artwork: on our portal you can find artwork from all over the world and from different epoches of art history. The reproductions can be ordered from a limited edition (numbered and certified) or from an „open edition“ (not limited).

We chose wooden panels as support for our print. They simulate the „Warmth“ and Texture of Painting. All of our products are being produced with the accurateness of our „Art Factory“. Just as our wooden panels (MDF wooden panels, non-toxic, certified with Carbon 2 for the lack of noxious substances, such as Formaldehyd) are also the print and the pigment of high quality.

The wood panels are treated with environment friendly paint. The paint gives shine to the panels and protects against sun rays, water and scratches. The wood panels are always supplied with fixing. You will receive a finished product, that is ready to be hanged.