Next2art ::: Art & Design

Next2Art is the portal of the divison Art & Design of Pixtura Art Factory. Our online gallery based in Ivrea has a provincial and antic core. Nevertheless our view goes above the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. Our vision can be summarised with the modern concept “glocal”: a project of local origin, but with a wide view on art and other cultures.

For years Ivrea has been the main hub for the italian mechanics and then computers industries. The italian “Canavese” region, surounding Ivrea has been for milleniums a territory where the main crop was the hemp for textile production. Beginning of the 20th century the Computer Company Olivetti opened it's industry in Ivrea. The encounter of Design, Computer and Art is essential for our project.

Our vision and mission is to produce and to spread culture. The main objective is to combine technology, artistic expression and design in one product. In this sense, Art and Industry complement.

Our mission is to spread Art outside of museums and galleries. Art should be accesible for everyone, despite social and economical background. The project Next2Art aims also to facilitate the exchange and encounter between artist and art lovers.